MOT Service Milton Keynes Deals on Wheels

We have a huge selection of both branded New car tyres and part worn tyres in stock. Lowest prices guaranteed on all our tyres. Give us a call to the nearest garage to you to find out the best prices for the tyres you need. 

our fully comprehensive service means that our experienced tyre fitters will not only help you choose a suitable set of tyres for your car’s requirements but will fit them safely and correctly. Our team of professionals work efficiently yet thoroughly, providing an extremely high standard of service at an affordable price. We supply a variety of tyres to suit a range of budgets for customers, including both branded performance tyres and cheaper, budget tyres.

Included in our comprehensive service are ongoing maintenance checks on our customers’ tyres. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that tyres are in top condition, as well as advising our customers when their car needs a tyre replacement and how to get the best wear out of new tyres.



For tyres to suit a lower budget which do not skimp on quality, look no further than our budget tyres range. Deals on Wheels has become the No.1 tyre retailer in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. We offer fully fitted all inclusive tyres. Not only do we guarantee to be the lowest price, but we have an excellent support service to match.

To maximise road safety and prolong tyre life, a tyre's pressure, tread depth and general condition should be checked regularly. When replacing tyres, fitting new tyres is the safest option. However, legislation does exist which permits the sale of part worn tyres, subject to them meeting a number of criteria. The sale of part worn tyres that do not meet these legal requirements is not only a criminal offence under the Consumer Protection Act, but also poses a serious safety risk to drivers, their passengers and other road users.